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992X-1100-HW01-0 - バータイプイオナイザー、大流量タイプ、1100mm

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This product is an air bar ionizer used to neutralize electrostatic build-up in locations where it is a frequent problem. It contains an ionized air emitter and can be set up easily by supplying DC 24V. It must be grounded to work correctly. It generates ionized air quickly and efficiently. It also includes functions to detect operating errors, ensuring that it can be used safely and reliably. It also includes a cleaning timer that counts electrified time.


  • Ion generation Method: Corona discharge
  • Ion balance: ±30V or less *1
  • Effective elimination distance: 50mm – 1500mm *2
  • Power voltage rating: DC24V±5% *3
  • Power consumption: 150mA
  • Emitter needle: Tungsten
  • Service Temperature: 5-40°C
  • Environment humidity: 15-85% (no condensation)


*1: At the time of shipment from the factory, the product is set for a measurement distance of 300mm and air pressure of 0.3MPa
*2: Elimination effect is due to the distance between the ionizer and the object, so please fix it with careful consideration.
*3: Use the LPS (Limited Power Source) certified with IEC/EN60950-1.

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