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701 - 表面抵抗測定器、アナログ、プローブ付き

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    • Lightweight and easy-to-use analog surface resistance measurement set
    • Two scales and settings for testing both surface-to-ground (Rtg) and surface-to-surface (Rtt) resistance
    • Easy-to-understand standard resistance range with scales displayed by color
    • set content

1 measuring instrument, 2 inspection weights (5 lbs each), 2 test leads (3 m each), 1 strong clip for installation, 1 crocodile clip, 1 test plate, battery (for 3.6V and 1.5V)) 1 each, 1 manual, 1 carrying case

    • NIST calibration

It is calibrated according to the procedures and standards set by the International Institute of Standards and Technology.

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