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45000-発泡ゴム、STATFREE J、黒、ロール状、3.2mm x 610mm x 12.2m

45000 - 発泡ゴム、STATFREE J、黒、ロール状、3.2mm x 610mm x 12.2m

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    • Slip hard foam nitrile butadiene rubber

Printed circuit board and other products does not slip, it is cushioned surface.

  • Static-dissipative surface 10 6 ~ 10 8 omega RTT

I Will charge removal from sensitive Products to static electricity. ANSI / ESD S20.20 fit


    • Volume Resistivity ANSI / ESD 10 6 ~ 10 7 Conforms to omega ANSI / ESD STM11.12

Such as disposable mat without a ground connection, it can be used in a state that put on this mat.

  • Unleaded RoHS compliant


  • Made in USA
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